Monster Family 2

Monster Family 2


Some scenes may scare young children

Have you recently saved the world and think that entitles you to a lifetime's supply of happiness? Think again! Everyday life has a nasty tendency to bring you back down to earth. A year after the happy end of Monster Family, the Wishbone Family are struggling with their various shortcomings. It’s good news then that the wedding of the witch Baba Yaga (Catherine Tate) and the hunchbacked butler Renfield (both of whom have become part of the Wishbone’s extended family as surrogate grandparents) will provide a much-needed distraction.

  • running time: 123 mins
  • director: Holger Tappe
  • Cast: Emily Watson, Jason Isaacs, Nick Frost, Jessica Brown Findlay, Catherine Tate, Ethan Rouse, Emily Carey


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